“The Secret of Easy Elementary School Fundraising; How to Fund Your NY, NJ, CT School, PTA or Charity With Amazingly Fun, Family Magic & Illusion Show!”

This school or non-profit charity fundraiser easily raises funds with a “No Risk” family magic & variety show. Typically works on a simple ticket sale split; Can be done on a fee basis for small schools or when objective isn’t fundraising. Increase school enthusiasm for budget votes, back to school or parent-teacher nights, etc.

Turn ordinary into extraordinary…with School Family Fundraiser Magic & Illusion Show!

School Family Show

``Magic Beyond Imagination`` is a wonderful school family show, combining captivating magic & illusions, plenty of audience participation, fun comedy, outstanding mind-reading, and amazing special effects. Other highlights are great storytelling with positive/motivational themes, customized for you, such as reading, self-esteem, safety, positive thinking, etc.

Creative School Fundraising Idea

Your school won’t forget this creative school fundraising idea. It includes a musical grand finale with magical dancing lights, optional dramatic fire eating, with brief safety message and/or a confetti launch for an amazing ending. A more sophisticated version makes the perfect Middle School or High School fundraiser with incredible mind reading effects and age appropriate routines.

Charity Fundraising Event Idea

The show is also a perfect charity fundraising event idea. Non profits such as civic & service clubs, etc, have used my show with great success to headline their fund-raisers and benefits. Now you can put this non profit fundraiser to work for your school or organization!

If you really want to ensure a huge turnout, I can actually saw the principal or a teacher in half! Believe me, the children go wild over this, and no one will want to miss it! Additionally their reactions when I float a student in the air are priceless! Other illusion options include an incredible animated talking picture, or making a teacher magically appear to introduce the show!

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I have successfully presented these programs in numerous school districts, probably one in or near yours. Everything needed is provided including a sound system and a 2 million dollar insurance policy for your peace of mind. Another way to increase profits is with a Magic Kit Raffle which I donate!

The Benefits of a School Family Fundraiser

Brings students, families and administrators together for a super fun evening!

Brings tremendous recognition to your PTA/school, while raising needed funds!

Promotes various positive attributes that everyone will thank you for!

Is entirely risk free, since the PTA/school keeps 50% of proceeds!

Is simple for you to arrange since I provide publicity materials and coordination!

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I would be happy to answer any questions or provide you with a no-obligation, customized price quote on the ideal program for you.

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Have An Unforgettable Elementary School Family Night With “Magic Beyond Imagination!” Makes The Ideal School or Charity Fundraising Show.