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Agent Robert: A.K.A The Motivator.
Status: Active
Classification: Top Secret

Top Secret – Elementary School Geography Show. Very Creative NY, NJ, CT School Presentation!

A Reading & Geography Adventure That Takes Students Everywhere!

Pssst!… Looking for great Elementary school show or assembly ideas? An assembly
that hooks kids into reading, and even get them excited over a typically dull topic like geography? Not just reading, but checking out & reading all kinds of books – fiction and non-fiction, from your library? If so, I’ve got a mission for you; thrill your students with this fabulous creative school presentation!

Kids LOVE solving a mystery and stores of “secret agents”! Hence the popularity of books like Harriet the Spy, the Encyclopedia Brown series, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries, and the inclusion of mysteries in series like Junie B. Jones, The Baby Sitters’ Club, and the ever popular Arthur Books. Plus the magic & mystery themes tie into fantasy series such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia.

Therefore in 2007 I introduced In this fun and interactive mystery show, I help students find clues for a missing bunny, virtually throughout the world…

This Elementary school geography show was developed at at a seminar in Texas for the nation’s top School & Library Show performers, and I am the only one licensed to perform it in NY, and CT. It’s like a play with a clever running theme that completely captivates the children’s attention.

It includes amazing magic, drama, costuming, storytelling, and an amazing life-like animated character routine you have to see to believe. Kids AND parents love the show, and you’ll love the results – more students reading more books and learning to appreciate geography!


Elementary School Geography Show

In this totally unique school assembly show, I dress like a secret agent, and distribute “Top Secret Mission Objectives”. This is a list of the topics discussed in the show and “the Code” to find them, ie. their Dewey Decimal System Numbers!

Kids go crazy over this “Secret Objectives List.” They’ll use it on their mission to check out at least one book from each topic from the library. How many programs get kids to actively learn and use the Dewey Decimal System?

Your complete satisfaction as always is GUARANTEED and I even offer a multiple program discount. It would be a complete mystery if you don’t call me right NOW before your date is taken at 516-672-3957 about this Elementary School Geography Show, a Very Creative School Presentation. You can also e-mail me at