Remote School Assembly Programs! Virtual Educational Magic Shows For Schools. Or how to Make Online School NOT Boring!…

11 Jul Remote School Assembly Programs! Virtual Educational Magic Shows For Schools. Or how to Make Online School NOT Boring!…

So you’re wondering how to keep students engaged during online sessions, when they have so many distractions all around them at home?…

Spicing up your online or virtual school sessions, with interactive entertainment is a great idea, and educational magic is ideal, particularly for elementary school students. Instead of just watching a musician say, students enjoy hearing their name and engaging online which is the next best thing to being there!

Many schools find that a virtual entertainment reward when the group has completed certain lessons, keeps children focused and engaged. This enables you to get though the material much more quickly. Alternatively, you can have a scheduled online magic show session, perhaps on a Friday? Online school that includes entertainment, gives everyone something to look forward to!

The audience participation and group interaction in this fun online school performance helps improve social skills. Obviously, this is important with “virtual school”, to avoid feelings of isolation. I make these sessions very interactive, with select students getting to participate directly, with others participating remotely, saying “magic words”, etc. I say participate as that’s a huge benefit of utilizing interactive rather than static entertainment.

Parents will be thrilled to see their children so happy during an online class!
Magic is the perfect virtual entertainment for schools as it’s interactive even over the internet. Much of it is quite visual and everyone has a front row seat…

Whether your holding school online through Zoom or Google Meet, (formerly Google hangouts, now part of Google Classroom), platforms are easy to navigate. There is a huge advantage of having live remote magical entertainment rather than just watching a video, since this is one of the few forms of entertainment that can still be interactive online!

Virtual school magic show; online educational magician for schools

Virtual School Magic Show; Online Educational Magician for Schools

After introductions, we can mute everyone’s mics and unmute participants who want to participate in the virtual illusions as necessary. This is usually the best setup as the software automatically switches the screen to whoever is talking or making sounds. This makes it essential for participants to remain quiet and eliminate background noise when unmuted or the camera will shift to them rather than the speaker.

Programs can be educational; options include online versions of my school assembly programs, “Discover the Magic of Reading!” and “Take PRIDE!” (Character Education program with great anti-bullying and self-esteem themes) I can also customize the presentation to fit your curriculum and desired outcomes. All programs also include great age appropriate humor and storytelling, along with the educational magic. They’re having so much fun, the learning is easy!

Just imagine the smiles on everyone’s face and sounds of amazement as your classes are thoroughly absorbed in this magical presentation! It creates the positive associations with the virtual school environment and relieves stress, more essential than ever now. The relatively small investment in an online magician compared to in person engagement will pay off nicely with increased productivity and efficiency.

You will find that children’s moods will be lifted and you’ll look like a hero for employing the creative idea of virtual educational magic shows for schools! Please email me at or call 516-672-3957 to find out details of doing so easily!

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