Each routine of this School Character Education & Anti Bullying Assembly Program teaches concepts of P.R.I.D.E

In this school character education assembly, illusion shows truth. This elementary and middle school anti bullying assembly sets the standard for acceptable behavior. You’re always telling them now SHOW them! Different routines in this elementary and middle school presentation tie into concepts of P.R.I.D.E.

Middle School Character Education & Anti Bullying Assembly Program Review

This Character Education Assembly covers topics students & teachers will both enjoy & benefit from. Bring this Anti Bullying Program to your NY, NJ, CT Elementary or Middle School!

The #1 mistake students make when comparing themselves to others.

The causes of bullying & eliminating it!

Changing “Impossible” into “I’m possible”.

Amazing visualization & goal setting.

How to achieve great character in all areas of life.

The magic word of the hour is RESPECT!

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In this school show, the magic word is RESPECT! Students enjoy magically solving a puzzle leading to that word and a discussion of how it applies both to others and oneself.

It’s all about learning Empathy

School Character Education & Anti Bullying Assembly | NY, CT, NJ

Two students on stage are completely fooled by a magic routine, while the method is very obvious to the rest of the student body. Students directly see that this is due to different points of view, which leads into an explanation of empathy…

You know nothing about your brother’s path until you have worked a mile in their moccasins ~ Native American Proverb

Bringing awareness to bullying…

Middle School Anti Bullying Programs

A critical distinction is made between laughing with and never at someone. Understanding another person’s life experience minimizes tendencies to criticize, making this a worthwhile Elementary and Middle School anti bullying activity.

Independence and self-esteem are taught in an elementary school assembly by demonstrating that anyone can do magic, even when the trick doesn’t work at first! Children are motivated to excel scholastically and in hobbies through responsibility paper writer, determination and persistence.


Here is an example of a show emphasizing RESPECT

For a red ribbon week assembly idea, more emphasis is placed on making good choices such as putting only healthy things into one’s body. A good character development program also demonstrates the necessity of choosing the right friends, such as when two student friends think of the same random thing! Students also learn not to compare their weaknesses to others strengths, but to discover their own talents.

Because students have so much fun, whether its an elementary or middle school show, they completely absorb the character education messages. Larger illusions such as floating a student in the air to thrilling music demonstrate that believing is one of the keys to achieving. For yet more excitement, we can saw a teacher or even the Principal “in half” as a good behavior incentive or reward!

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

Character Education Assemblies

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